Check For Mac App Updates and Automatically Download These Apps With AppFresh

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You want to update your paid and free Mac apps? That’s fairly easy to achieve if you have downloaded them from the Apple Mac App Store. What if you want to update your Mac Operating System? Apple has a Software Update checker for that.

However, the third-party apps downloaded off the Internet are dangling with no automated updates.

To check for an app update, we usually launch the app, go to the Menu and click on Check for updates. But, as we all know, this is a tedious process, especially if you have slightly over 150 apps installed on your Mac like I do.

Only a handful of applications slap a new update available message when you launch them. So how do we check each and every application, widget, plugin, system updates, and third-party apps for updates? And, most importantly, how do we download these apps right from our desktop?

This is where AppFresh plays a blinder.

Mac App Updater

AppFresh, in simple words, is an update checker and downloader for Mac. Launch AppFresh, give it some time to scan for the installed apps, and it’ll download and install the updates.

How to Automatically Download Mac Apps With App Fresh

AppFresh uses iUseThis to check if an update is available. iUseThis is a trusted website that aggregates Mac OS X software updates.

When you first launch AppFresh, you’ll be asked to register for an iUseThis account. The registration process shouldn’t eat away more than a couple of minutes. Once registered, add your username and password into AppFresh.

That’s it! Launch AppFresh to update apps right from your Mac desktop. Once AppFresh completes scanning the apps installed on your machine, right-click on the app and click on install. Or, you can select all the apps and install them in one go.

App Fresh Mac App Updates

Amongst the splurge of app updates aggregated in one window, AppFresh can also update Adobe Flash player and download browser updates, if available — Google Chrome browser updates, for example. You can also switch from checking stable to nightly builds app updates from the AppFresh preference pane.

As a bonus, AppFresh can also check and download Mac OS updates, if available.

Mac OS App Updater

AppFresh checks everything. And it’s free. Really, for an app this useful, and for the price you pay, AppFresh is a gem of an application and perhaps the best app update checker and downloader out there for Mac.

Download AppFresh. [.Zip file]

Compatibility: Works on iMac, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air running Mac OS X Leopard (10.5), Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) and Mac OS X Lion (10.7).

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