Megaupload’s Kim Comes With Megabox Music Service

By Sidharth | Features

Kim Dotcom, the Megaupload founder (a famous file-sharing site that was taken down recently) has created a brand new Twitter account where he has announced his latest project in the works.

The new project called Megabox will allow music lovers to download songs from recording artists. Unlike in Megaupload, where anyone can download any files for free, Megabox charges you for every download.

In other words, Megabox will help artists to make money out of their music. Artists will upload their original music on Megabox and fans will be able to download them by paying a fee.

A screenshot of the upcoming Megabox website was uploaded along with the tweet. Going by the image, looks like the artists will have the ability to upload unlimited number of songs for free.

Megabox website

Megabox will keep a bite out of the total profit earned by the artist. If the rumors are true, artists and musicians will get to keep 90% of the revenue generated from every download.

Looking at how most of the music services are built these days, there’s a good chance that Megabox can be a cloud service and will have a mobile app for both uploading and downloading digital files.

Although details about Megabox is scarce, and there’s no launch date or the website available right now, this new venture can definitely help small-time artists, independent and major labels to shine in the music industry while making money and living out of doing what they enjoy the most.

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