New Free Rapidshare Premium Account Marketing Trick Needs You To Buy Rapids

By Sidharth | Features

Being one of the favorable download site for many, Rapidshare does a lot of sneaky tactics to gain premium users. That being said, we also have programmers indulged in making Rapidshare spyware programs that are not easy to uninstall.

And after recently switching premium and free buttons (regular Rapidshare user must be aware of this) the new Rapidshare marketing trick seems to have users believing in getting a free rapidshare premium account username and password — and that in fact isn’t really free!

Rapidshare Let’s You Create Premium Account now

You can now easily create a Free rapidshare premium account and get your own password and username. To do this, visit the rapidshare homepage and scroll to the bottom.

As I read over at the forums, this seems like a legit offer for a limited period of time. After registering and activating the Rapidshare link, I logged in — and it was as if I really got myself a free premium account at Rapidshare.

Well, not really. I was not able to simultaneously download files, or resume the download link even with the access to Premium account. Here’s the trick they implemented: buying rapids is a must. These are points that has be to purchased for premium downloads.

Well played, Rapidshare! Well played 😀 I for one think many will, already have, fallen into this deceiving trap and are curiously working on uncovering the mystery download files off Rapidshare. Although I’d stick with torrents, and if necessity arises there are those working rapidshare download manager to try out!

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