Prank Your Friends With one of the Most Daring Game for Windows

By Sidharth | Features

If you are planning to play this game on your friends computer, this is going to be a really bad prank. Your friendship might come to an end. Really, this is one of the most daring game out there for Windows.

Prank Friends With FileKiller Game

When you launch FileKiller, it picks up twenty files randomly from your computer, leaving you to make a move. Your next move is to delete these files from your computer.

Here’s the scary part: the file can be from your system32 folder, or it can be a picture, an important document of yours.

And you can’t close the game. There’s no second choice. When you play it, you have to play it — which means if an essential file is caught in this trap, you have no option other than deleting that file. Daring game, isn’t it?

Download FileKiller Game:

If you use your system primarily for your work, then you’d be better off by not downloading this game.

You can, however, try this game on a Virtual Machine without damaging your main system. Even better, play FileKiller on your old laptop that is not in use anymore.

FileKiller is freely available for Windows OS. Details [Direct download link].

To call FileKiller an easy game is an understatement. For some, this game is pointless, yes, but for the computer experts out there, it’s a fun way to kill some time.

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