Aakash Tablet Reviewed [Video]

By Sidharth | Features

Venturebeat has filed a quick hands-on review of the Aakash tablet, which is an Android powered tablet funded by the Indian government. In the review video, the test unit shipped to Venturebeat works pretty well except for the onscreen keyboard that shows a sign of sluggishness when in use. On the flip side of that, Aakash tablet plays YouTube videos really well, without freezing the tablet.

Aakash Tablet, previously known as Sakshat, has bagged attention not only in India but also all over the world, precisely because of the price, which is the tablet’s point of pride. This tablet is said to be the world’s cheapest tablet and is slated to retail for $35 in India; $60 in the US.

Around 100,000 units of Aakash will be shipped in the first phase before rolling out to the millions of students in the next year. As mentioned in one of the exclusive NDTV video, the screen of the Aakash tablet comes from South Korea while the microprocessor is imported from US, but all the parts, testing of tablet, and much more is carried out in India.

Another review video from Venturebeat: Web on Aakash.

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