Six WordPress Smiley plugins for comment and blog post

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Using smilies/emoticons on your blog post and for your readers who comment in the comment section is the best way to bring life to the talks. Smileys expresses the mood, perhaps this the only way to make your voice count.

For me “A Smiley speaks a thousand words.” Now, not every smiley is a smiley face, there are emoticons which expresses emotions. For instance, this one 🙁

What exactly is an Emoticon? Smiley/emoticon is a type of symbol or combination of symbols which is used to convey the emotional content in written or message form.


Here are the list of some good WordPress smiley which will be useful for both commenting and blog posting:

1. Yahoo / Msn Smiley plugin – This plugin has around 150+ smilies (including msn and yahoo smilies) which will integrate in your comment section of WordPress. This plugin replaces the default wordpress smiley but the installation guide is a bit tricky.

If you are able to do this on your blogging platform, then pat your back, because these are some hilarious smileys.


2. LMB box Smiley plugin – LMB Box Smileys lets you add a button to the Comment Quicktags Menu, or you can even add smileys manually by placing a code in your comment.php file.

Once you click on the button/link, a popup window opens a set of smiley — choose the emoticon you want and throw in your expressive comment.

3. Wp Grin plugin – Many folks use wp-grin plugin as provides simple clickable smilies for both the post form in the admin panel of WordPress. Does a great job!

4. Smiley JS button – compatible with WP 2.2.x on all setups. Though they no longer provide support, the plugin has smiley which look like the default WP smiley faces. Update: Plugin no longer available.

5. Chinese emoticon plugin – Extraordinary plugin! This plugin serves crazy little animated emoticon. I don’t know why the developer has named this plugin “Chinese,” but the emoticons are funny Update: Plugin link no longer valid.


6. Smiley Themer plugin (Recommended) – Imagine if you have 14 sets of smilies in a single WordPress plugin and you can switch to the other set with a click of a button – Wow! This is what the plugin does, and it is by far the best smiley plugin I have used on WordPress platform.

So, that’s about it, guys! What are your favorite plugin that you have been using on your blog? Let me know through your comment.

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