Speedy Fox To Optimize, Speed up Firefox Profiles For Faster Firefox Browsing

By Sidharth | Features

Firefox browser is lucrative in many ways – The exhaustive collection of addons and the easy to use functionality makes it the best web browser, and it has glued to that spot from quite a long time.

As the amount of addons, bookmarks and url history adds up, firefox browser gets heavy and consumes a lot of memory resources that none of the other browsers could do. Firefox stays ahead, once again! (Being sarcastic)

Thanks to Crystal Idea who has developed an simple application especially for firefox browser that optimizes the firefox profile. As you might know, your bookmarks, the history and all the information are stored in your default firefox profile. So, optimizing profile can greatly speed up your browsing activities.

The app Speedy Fox can be directly downloaded from here. It’s portable and optimizes the database of files that are in your profile in a couple of minutes.

speedy_fox speedy_fox_2 speedy_fox_3

Just make sure that you’ve closed your firefox browser before running speedy fox. You have to click the button “Speed up my Firefox” and choose your profile. I used this app. on my firefox browser and I must say I am pleased with the performance and speed it has achieved after optimizing. So, go ahead and give this an try! 🙂

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