Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G Price, Specification And Release Date

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The highly anticipated, robust Android device: HTC EVO 4G from Sprint is inching closer to the public release which is to happen by the month of June. Being the first 4G phone to be released, Sprint HTC EVO 4G (4G is 10 times faster than 3G) is filled with powerful features with over 30,000 android apps available to fill any gap.

The Wireless Wi-Fi technology, excellent camera, 1GHz processor and a HD TV experience right on your smart device are some of the basic features of HTC Evo. That being said, let’s quickly look into the price, specification and release dates of the HTC 4G Evo phone.

Release Date of HTC EVO 4G

When asked about the release date of HTC EVO 4G to Android engineer, the response claimed the date to be June 6th, or sooner than that. Also some of the sources claim HTC EVO 4G to hit the Sprint stores on June 13th, Sunday. But June is definitely the month set fo HTC EVO 4G to hit the shelves.

Price of HTC EVO 4G Handset

With a standard 2 year sprint contract, HTC EVO 4G price is speculated to be around $199.  The standalone HTC 4G handset is said to cost $599.99 which is a reasonable price for the features it holds.

Specification of HTC EVO 4G

Click on the image to view the features, specifications of HTC EVO Smartphone


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