The Google Chrome Web-Store: An open marketplace for Web Apps

By Jay Shah | Features

Google’s grand plans for ensuring it’s presence in every sphere of life have a new part. The company is working on an awesome Google Chrome Web Store which will be a marketplace for various apps in the very near future.

At the GDC in Europe Google first showed off the Web Store to the game developers in attendance. As a hub for HTML5 apps, this store can be one of the best online app stores around. The presentation has revealed that the Chrome Store does borrow some aspects of the App Store of Apple.

The interface has app icons, categories and features such as listings of ‘top-rated games’. There are also ‘apps your friends like’, a category which may be linked with Gmail, Buzz or some new way of linking with friends which Google is keeping under wraps for now.


Revenue model in Google Chrome Web-Store

But the revenue model of this store will be quite dissimilar to Apple’s Appstore. Google will only charge a ‘processing fee’ of about 5% as opposed to the 30% that Apple takes as share of revenue generated by a particular app. And this could be really attractive proposition for developers who no doubt, would like to retain more of their earnings.

Google Chrome Web-Store Launching in 3 months

The launch (some time in October this year) and subsequent performance of the Chrome Store will be very crucial for Google’s future. The company is already dealing with the two-pronged threat of Facebook and Apple, which have reduced Google’s profits with their exponential growth in the last few years. And the Chrome Store will be Google’s attempt to surge ahead of the competition.

Chrome OS Makes Sense

By ensuring the availability of numerous web apps this store will support the growth of the ambitious Chrome OS. Whether the operating system will actually be able to take on and displace Windows, Mac or iOS will depend a lot on the success of the Chrome Store.

Google has also got major plans for television and no doubt the Chrome Store will act as a catalyst on that front too.

The Chrome OS is supposed to launch later this year and gaming is one of the big draws of the OS. And by making numerous games available on the Chrome WebStore, Google may have a chance of gaining a foothold in the gaming market, something which it has cherished for long. And if the Store works out really well, it may even compete with consoles which have dedicated online game distribution networks.

Exciting times ahead for Google and for you!

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