Try Virtual Headphone With the New Skullcandy Virtual Room!

By Jay Shah | Features

Right, this is what you call off-beat tech news! You have surely tried on thousands of headphones at stores, but have you tried one via the web? Probably not! And that is the reason why you need to check out the Skullcandy virtual ‘dressing room’ for the Roc Nation Aviator on-ear headphones.

This cool new website has been launched by Skullcandy in collaboration with Stance and is definitely a first as far as headphones are concerned. The key to making this happen is ‘augmented reality’ something which you may have heard of in the context of 3D technology.

What you need, is a functional webcam and a plug-in which has to be downloaded onto your system. Then once you enter the Skullcandy virtual room, the the software will track your face and make necessary calculations required to fit the virtual model of the Roc headphone on you.


The plug-in you download, will use your webcam to track your facial movement (actually head movement!) and displays footage on screen, of you wearing the headphones. So, whichever way you look the 3D model replicates the movement!

This kind of virtual 3D room viewer, has been utilized in very few areas till date. It should be noted here, that Rain, a leading mobile app and web development firm deserves credit for the successful implementation of this technology.

So, this time before you buy a pair of headphones, you can actually see how you look like wearing them! For on-ear headphones, this is important, because you surely don’t want to look like a character out a 70’s sci-fi movie while chatting with your current heartthrob. The new Skullcandy virtual room ensures that you look cool, because just good sound is not enough.

Do take some time out to visit the Skullcandy website! That is the only way to find out whether this is actually enhancing your buying experience.

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