Weird Gadgets you never knew Existed. Awesome Gadget Products!

By PayalSakaria | Features

All of us at some or the other time come across various gadgets, devices and other objects after looking at which the only thing that creeps our mind is – “Oh Wow, these weird Gadgets really existed.”

The technological advancements and never ending greed of the people to have something new, interesting and different has lead to the invention of various gadgets and devices which otherwise, we would have never imagined in our wildest dreams for their existence.

These interesting pieces of objects surpass all the boundaries and limitations of creativity and have certainly become unique pieces. These amazing and awesome pieces of gadgets and other devices which we thought never existed are sometimes funky, cool and even hilarious.

The main motive behind them all is to surprise each and every person who comes across them. Here we are specially bringing for you; some of these interesting pieces which you would have never thought existed.

Car Slippers: So now no more hunting for the steps in the dark with these interesting slippers. The LED lights placed in the front of this slipper can light up the floor for up to 30 feet.

Massaging Speakers: Make all your guests amazed with these stiletto shaped speakers that are created by Jacob Mathew as a part of his new Soundsations collection. So get ready to enjoy the music massage experience.

Baby’s Pillow: Now your baby will no more miss you even when you are occupied with your household work and will feel that same hand of love with this amazing pillow.

Butt Cheek Boxers: You will really need to have the guts to wear these boxers. Thankfully the actual bum which seems to be out is all tucked in safely. These are really hilarious.

Pee On Urinal Screen Kit: Just place the photo of the person you hate most on this interesting customizable urine screen and then take out all your frustration and get light.

It proves to be best for all those people who have long held desire to pee on their bosses for once.

Gun Operated Alarm Clock: Now you will not get late for your office everyday as this new gun operated alarm clock will get you into action early in the morning.

An attempt to switch the alarm in this clock will completely take you out from your dream world and make you ready for the morning shower.

Thus the list is endless as weirdness has no limits. We are pretty sure that you must have never come across such wacky Gadget stuff before, so just enjoy!

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