Activities to do when the Internet is Down

By Sidharth | Features

Internet is down on my computer, and I can’t seem to fix it… What should I do?

When you are not able to connect to the Internet, there are many other things — fun things — you could do than simply sitting on the edge of your seat, watching the router’s light flashing, while hoping for the Internet to come back.

funny Internet

There’s no need to panic. Internet goes down, and sometimes it is not your fault. But if you are bored without the Internet, here are a couple of activities to do: Cry in the mirror, yell, walk, click refresh, go outside, complain, paint, ask God, or fill your stomach with donuts.

Chart explaining things to do when Internet doesn't work

On a serious note, Internet addiction is very similar to gaming addiction, and while some of us may require Internet at work, we must know when and where to draw the line. Around 93% of teenagers go online regularly — most of them pass their time by playing games, downloading music, and checking Facebook regularly.

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