Watch Google I/O Live Developer Conference 2011

By Sidharth | Google

The Google I/O Conference kicks off today as thousands of developers will converge on the Google campus in the two-day event held at San Francisco, California. If you couldn’t make it to the Google I/O event, then do not worry as you can still watch the conference live online, and for free.

Unlike Apple (ahem!), Google will live stream the Google I/O Developer Conference 2011 sessions on their webpage, which can be accessed at

What to Expect From Google I/O?

Apart from Android OS and Chrome talks, we can expect Google to announce the YouTube Movie Rental — a movie rental service to compete against Netflix and Amazon Prime. Also, another widely expected product to be unleashed today is the new Google music service aimed at Android smartphones. This Google music service has been hyped for some time now, and we will soon know if it lives up to our expectations, or follows the path of Google buzz.

The two-day event will focus everything on Google, and one can expect hours of sessions on Android and Chrome: Honeycomb highlights, Android developer tools, HTML5, Mobile Web Development are just a few sessions out of the hundreds at Google I/O. And get used to some of the sessions which might get a little boring, especially when Google reveals the statistical numbers.

Last but not the least, Google will be giving an opportunity to raise your Google-related questions during the event, and these questions will be answered by the members of Google Product Team in real-time.

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