Access Tweetbot Secret Settings Menu on iOS

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With Tweetbot for Mac in the works, a new Secret Settings Menu comes as no surprise.

For those who are using Tweetbot on your iOS device, and have updated the app to the new 2.4 version, there’s a hidden menu that you can access to do some interesting stuffs.

How to Access Secret Tweetbot Screen:

Step 1: Launch Tweetbot. Tap on Settings. [Screenshot]

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: You will notice the Copyright message. Now, tap on the left and right corners simultaneously. You must tap three times.

New Twitter For iOS

This will bring the Super Secret Settings screen.

Secret Menu on Tweetbot

Here’s what you can do with this screen:

  • Add OAuth Info, if you have your own consumer key and secret. [More info]
  • Switch ON What The Trend to follow the hottest and trending topics on Twitter.
  • Switch ON WWAN Streaming to enable 3G on Tweetbot.
  • Switch ON Open Notifications to receive notifications in the Notification Center — you should add the Tweetbot widget to NC.

If you don’t want to use your WiFi to access tweets from Tweetbot, switch ON WWAN Streaming to enable 3G which will allow you to receive, send and read tweets over your cellular network.

Note: You should tap three times, simultaneously! I hope there was an easy way to access this menu.

Source: Twitter

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