Block Certain Websites From Google

By Sidharth | How-to

Now you can sign in to your Google account to block certain websites from appearing in Google Search Result Pages.

Previously, Google Chrome browser featured a Personal Blocklist extension that helped users in creating a personal list of blocked site that are irrelevant in search pages. It is now easier to block sites from any browser — Mozilla Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari and so on — without the need to install the extension.

Block Google Websites

You can block certain sites from appearing in Google by clicking the Block all domain results. The best thing about this is, once you sign in to your Google account and block websites, you can take this list anywhere with you.

Next time when you are using a different machine, sign in to Google and your personal preference will be reflected in your search.

Also, if you have accidentally blocked a site from appearing in Google, you can unblock them any time.

As one would expect, data of the blocked sites will be utilized by Google to improve their Panda search algorithm and help sites creating high-quality content to rank higher.

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