Rapidshare blocked? Access and upload files on Rapidshare.com

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When you are on a network system you will have a restricted internet connection in which some of websites are blocked by the administrator.Social networking sites such as Myspace, Orkut are blocked in schools, offices in most part of the world and so are file hosting sites such as Megaupload, Rapidshare.

Rapidshare IP blocked

Rapidshare will block your IP address if your activity are against the Rapidshare terms of conditions.Trying to access rapidshare files by using scripts to bypass multiple downloads or abusing the rapidshare premium account are some of the reason for IP blocking.In most cases your IP can be banned temporarily by Rapidshare!

Access blocked Rapidshare


If your IP address is blocked from Rapidshare and you cannot upload or download anything then here are some work around tips to access Rapidshare, upload files and download them!

First of all if you are looking for downloading rapidshare files then try out software’s to queue & download files from Rapidshare automatically, check out some of the rapidshare downloader such as Grap it or jdownloader download manager which are spyware free tools to download and manage your files from rapidshare as well as megaupload.

Another way to unblock rapidshare is by is to make use of Proxy websites, check out some of the latest Rapidshare proxy sites which will be helpful for accessing files in places such as office or schools.

Upload Files on Rapidshare

Mirror sites are multiple file hosting service which uploads your file to free hosting sites including Megaupload, deposit files and Rapidshare.Browse your file and upload them on mirror sites, their system will automatically upload those files to Rapidshare, check these list of multiple file hosting service here

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