Retrieve Text Messages from Verizon Mobile Phones

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

All of us have faced it at least once – the need to access a text message already deleted from our phone. And it can be really irritating at times! It may also happen that you delete the message accidentally and repent the very next second.

So this brings us to the question: is it possible to retrieve text messages already deleted from a Verizon mobile phone and that too for free? The answer is yes, but to a limited extent.

Once you hit delete, the message is out of your mobile phone: this is simple logic. But on some Verizon phones things work a bit differently. The last 10-15 deleted messages sent from your phone are still there!

How to retrieve/ recover SMS text messages

How to access them? Well, go to the message sending option and select ‘text’. The screen to type in text should come up when you do this. With the screen in place, go to ‘options’ or ‘mode’ (according to the phone you have) and select ‘from recent list’ or ‘recent messages’.

This should give you access to the last 10-15 messages (depending on their size) sent from your phone. It is kind of like accessing your Internet browser’s history, but bear in mind that only messages you sent will be accessible and not the ones you receive. Moreover most of the newer Verizon phones do not have this feature.


If this does not work, it may be difficult for you to get the content of deleted text messages without spending money. Though you may try to convince Verizon customer service about your need to access one or more deleted messages, they will not be able to help you because of standard company policy.

Verizon does not usually divulge information about deleted text messages unless the data is required as a part of a legal procedure under a subpoena. But hiring an attorney to recover deleted messages is quite absurd, unless you require presenting the messages as evidence in your favor.

But that won’t be cheap, let alone free! Your best chance of success, with a Verizon customer service representative, is to ask for a message or two which have been deleted within the last 30 days. Try your luck, but don’t be too disheartened if you fail.

However if you are looking for message details (sender/recipient number, time and date etc.) you can access your account on the Verizon website and view bill details for relevant information. Other than these there is no free way to retrieve deleted text messages from your Verizon phone.

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