TrainEnquiry Brings RailRadar that Tracks Indian Trains in Real-time

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Tracking status and booking a train ticket was not so easy a couple of years ago, as one had to travel to the train department and prepare themselves to stand in long queues. Anything related to traveling and train was a tedious process back then. Times have changed for the better though, and now it is possible to track trains in India and book tickets from the comfort of our home.

TrainEnquiry, the official website of Indian Railways that provides status and location of trains, has further embraced the technology by introducing a new tool called RailRadar. This new tool, although in beta, tracks and updates the status of trains in real-time.

Live Train Tracking

RailRadar is built primarily for passengers who want to learn more about the trains — whether the train is arriving or departing on time, or is it going to be delayed today? All this information are easily accessible both on your computer and mobile phones.

India Map & Trains on RailRadar

Powered through Google Maps, the blue and red objects are the first thing you will notice on RailRadar. These objects are the trains actively running in India.

The blue object indicates the trains are on time while the red ones indicate the trains that have been delayed or rescheduled. Out of over 10000 trains operated by the Indian Railway, Railradar keeps track of 6500 trains and, at any given time, we have over 1500 trains actively running in all parts of India.

The 6000 monitoring stations constantly updates the server to bring real-time information.

Using RailRadar

There’s no need to register or login to use the tool. Simply visit from your browser to keep track of the trains.

One can also zoom-in or out to find a particular train. There’s also a set of menu on the left-side of RailRadar that has a couple of useful options.

Indian Railway RailRadar Tool

A small window pops up when you click on any of the trains. The window contains textual information revealing crucial details.

Train Status in India

Indian Railways reports that 20% of the traffic comes from mobile devices, so they have made sure the same tool works on your phones.

The URL is long, and sometimes it can be a pain to type the site’s name; in such cases, you may want to use custom URL shortener. For instance, typing will redirect you to RailRadar.

Press Release [PDF]

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