First Search Engine on the Internet

By Sidharth | Ideas

Surely without the Search engine it would have been hard to find knowledge or bring in traffic to a website. With the invent of search engine both the webmaster and the user who is searching for useful relevant information are gratified, some of the dominating search engine on the Internet are Google, Live search, Yahoo and Ask.

Various search engine technology is developed each and everyday that are trying to compete with bigger sophisticated search engines. Meta search engine are also quite popular nowadays that provides a combined search result of popular search engines. But do you the Internet first search engine website?


It is Archie search engine which was developed in 1990 by a group of students and later on hundreds of search engine were developed based on this concept but sadly Archie search engine lost it’s importance when solid algorithm was developed to index website pages from the Internet.

Though you can still make use of this search engine, as it was updated on 1999 you will hardly find the results of any latest trends, topics buzzing on the Internet. But if someone asks you about the first web search engine then speak out loud and say It isn’t Google, It’s Archie 😀

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