What is IPv6 and Why You Should Use IPv6 Over IPv4 Addressing Scheme

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The new version of the Internet Protocol (IP) is the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6). The IPv6 addressing — designated as the successor of the IPv4 — is on the horizon, and a completely different protocol allowing greater flexibility in assigning addresses.

Expert says that the web is running out of IPv4 addresses and the only solution is to use IPv6 addressing scheme.

Why You Should Change From IPv4 To IPv6?

The IPv4 address spaces are exhausting as it wasn’t entirely designed to handle the address space requirements of the ever-growing internet. As a result of this, IPV4 address depletion is approaching very quickly — although various techniques have been implemented to extend the IPV4 lifetime, but they fail to meet the requirements because of the rapid expansion of the internet users.

The IPv6 allows hierarchical addressing allocation method, therefore this scheme has been designed to replace the current IPv4 (IPv4 is predominantly deployed and used extensively throughout the world). The IPv6 address space, in addition to solving IP exhaustion problem, adds critical improvement over the IPv4.

For better scalability and reachability, the IPv6 includes larger address space resulting in almost unlimited number of IP addresses. When you are connected to the IPV6, network devices can be connected without manual configuration or DHCP services. Network should run a lot smoother with IPV6 addressing.

Why IPv6 Is An Issue?

When the addressing scheme changes from IPv4 to IPv6, there’s a need for “upgrade.” A good number of older Operating Systems, routers and other devices will not work with this new version of IP. This will inevitably result to massive replacement of devices and you have to, unfortunately, bin your older devices as they are no longer supported.

Additionally, the ISP’s will be forced to increase the price on the internet usage due to the “upgrading” requirement. By now, you should be wondering if deploying the IPv6 scheme is a wise idea at all. But this is the only way out in order to peacefully live on the internet.

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