Lock and Unlock Doors Using Your Smartphone

By Sidharth | Cell Phones

Smartphones have made our life easier — it is possible to control TV, turn off the lights, and now we can even lock or unlock the doors of our house.

Locking a door is an everyday affair for most of us, but this process is now further simplified using a new device called Lockitron. This device (comes with an app) lets you unlock doors using your smartphone. As this is a keyless device, you don’t have to carry a key or any other physical object for unlocking the doors.

Simply take the smartphone out of your pocket, launch the Lockitron app and swipe your finger up to unlock the door.

Lockitron will work on smartphones that are NFC-enabled or supports Bluetooth 4.0. A door can also be unlocked by sending a text message. Lockitron apps are already available in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

It goes without saying that you must attach a battery-powered box to the door beforehand — only then you will be able to lock and unlock doors through the phone. The battery box of Lockitron will last up to one year and is steeply priced at $149.

Doors can also be unlocked by your friends and family members only if you grant them the permission. The sharing process can be achieved through the Lockitron app on your phone. The video below explains how this new device actually works:

The device is still not out yet, which leaves us with several questions unanswered. For instance, how secure is the device against hackers? What happens when the box is out of power and we are outside?

But Lockitron looks promising and its elegant design and unique concept convinces us that the future is here.

For now, Camelot keyless device on Amazon from Schlage is yet another gadget that works similar to Lockitron, although there’s no support for smartphones and no remote access.

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