Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard k750 For Mac

By Sidharth | Apple

Logitech’s latest Wireless Keyboard is an energy-efficient, wireless, self-charging, and Mac-compatible device that uses on-board solar cells to power itself using sunlight.

Similar to Apple’s Mac keyboard layout, Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard k750 keeps an elegant profile featuring Mac-only keys like control, option and command and eject. Once you get hold of this keyboard, there’s no need to buy AA batteries anymore, and thus the keyboard eliminates your tedious visit to the battery stores forever.

Logitech also promises the keyboard, when tuned with full charge, is good for up to three months in total darkness. Another fun-fact is that whenever there’s ambient light around, the keyboard charges itself.

Logitech’s Mac Wireless Keyboard

Available in five colors, the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard can be pre-ordered from Logitech website at $59.99. The product also includes the Logitech’s Unifying Receiver, a thumbnail USB device that lets you wirelessly connect your keyboard over a 2.4-GHz frequency.

Price of Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

Many of the websites have failed to pick up the right price from the Logitech website. As per Logitech, the Wireless Solar Keyboard for Mac is slated for release sometime this month and costs $59.99. This is the pre-order price.

Here, in India, Logitech has transparently detailed the price of the keyboard at INR 5,999, which translates to roughly $120.

Sure, some may argue the keyboard is better than Apple’s Keyboard. Maybe it is. But if you are not able to jump in quick and get the pre-order price, Logitech’s keyboard can be a bit heavy on your pocket.

However, if you want to embellish your Mac with a new keyboard, then this solar-powered hardware is your best buy, especially when we table the fact that you don’t have to buy batteries anymore.

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