MUDownManager – Free Megaupload Download Manager

By Sidharth | New Product

We reviewed the official megaupload download manager and they’re pretty descent software for saving Megaupload files. If you’re looking for something similar, as an alternative, then check out this yet another free megaupload download manager – MudownManager.

Mentioned by Cadin through comments, I quickly downloaded MuDownManager to test its ability to download megaupload files, and it sure does download them!

MudownManager is a free download manager for Megaupload files, along with that it also supports downloading of Rapidshare files. Of course, simultaneous megaupload downloads or of Rapidshare files aren’t possible. No software does that for free!

This download manager queues up the files and automatically downloads the file one-by-one. If you’ve proxy host and port then input them to download files from different location simultaneously (Again, you need to pay as free proxies go dead in couple of hours). MUdownmanager sticks to the basic needs, and so the interface is real simple.


Add your megaupload or rapidshare files using the Add button and queue any number of megaupload files for download.

MUdownmanager is spyware free, unlike few spyware download managers, and this app definitely deserves to be in the best download manager list.

Download MUdownmanager (Sourceforge)

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