Microsoft’s Optimized Signature PCs Announced

By Sidharth | Microsoft

Looks like Microsoft is in for a whole new ballgame this year, as they have entered into the PC distribution line, selling PCs without crapware to the users worldwide.

Microsoft has just announced Signature PCs. These PCs are nothing new. They are your regular PCs but heavily optimized in Microsoft’s way. Now these systems are supposedly free from crapware, trial softwares and other ineffective programs that clog your systems.

PCs from Microsoft

Signature PCs are ready to use, right out of the box Windows systems.

How it works: These are not Made by Microsoft PCs; instead, Microsoft engages with system manufacturers like Sony, HP, Acer, Dell and Lenova and then the engineers will break a sweat to create Signature PCs. The engineers at Microsoft will tune these PCs to make sure the performance is up to par.

Then these engineers will push an avalanche of Microsoft products such as Windows Live Essential, Zune, IE, etc. into these PCs and carefully ship them to you.

Microsoft will also offer 90 days phone support to help you with anything PC-related. Despite the limited retail presence of Microsoft, you can avail these Signature PCs through their online store.

For instance, this page offers Sony Vaio PC, which is optimized with Microsoft Signature, for $1699. For the time being, there is a $200 discount coupon for future purchases for anyone who purchases this PC.

Additionally, Signature PCs has security utility that never expires, which could ultimately represent PCs that are free from viruses and other malicious threats. Just like Macs.

In anyway, Microsoft’s step to stomp out the crapware is commendable, and something we all were wishing for would come true, but what will be interesting to see is how good these machines will be when they are out in the shelves of Microsoft Store.

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