USB Safeguard: Lock USB Drive now! Perfect Solution in Portable Files Security

By Jim Roberts | New Product

The use of these USB flash drive is undoubtedly something that has become a necessity in this modern day world. As we know, in spite of its usefulness, there are certain risks involved with USB drives.

Due to its small size, it can easily be misplaced or stolen. This could be a serious thing when your flash drive contains sensitive documents and confidential files. The good news is that no matter how risky it is to put valuable files in these tiny portable storage devices, there is a solution available. Flash drive contents can be subjected to encryption protection. This is what USB safeguard specializes in.

USB Safeguard For Locking USB Drive

This program exists as a single EXE file that is named after its generic label. It is relatively small at 736 kb and will fit conveniently in your flash drive without occupying much of a space. You are required to have the EXE file inside your flash drive before it can actually run as a program. When it is initially activated, it will show a password window that prompts you to enter your security access code.


Using USB SafeGuard

The password can be typed directly using your PC’s keyboard or you can access an on-screen keyboard that can be made to appear by clicking a button at the top of the password window. You are required to key in your security access code twice before it is accepted by the system as correct.

The next thing that will be required from you is to create a text file that contains your password. This will be saved in the hard drive of your PC which will serve as your reserve option to access your flash drive contents in case of lost or forgotten password.

When the password setting process has been finished, you have to move on with the encryption process. You can access a window for encryption that will allow you to add files that you want to be encrypted. The process of adding files is very easy. You can opt to use the “drag and drop” technique or you can just press the button that encrypts everything on your portable drive. When the encryption process is done with, you will be required to clear out the original files.

When you view the contents of your device, you will be able to see the EXE file and an image file. This file contains the encrypted information that is formerly contained on the flash drive.

You can access your old files by clicking the EXE file and supplying the correct access code. Download USB Safeguard

General Notes

This program is very good for protecting your files inside a portable disk. The only thing I’m not convinced with is the design of the interface that is used for the selection of the files to be encrypted. It will look much better if it is designed much more like the file browser of Windows.

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