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By Sidharth | News

Just found out that I haven’t blogged about the monthly wrap up posts for few months (Infact we did just one post 😛 ). Let me tell you, it’s never easy to write such posts, revealing your traffic, earnings and so on. Anyway, on request, I am giving away Blogote’s vital stats.

After 5 months of steady and slow (sounds contradictory?) blogging, and with less than 200 posts on this site makes you think I will busy, right? Well, no, I had all the time to blog but something ruined my time — yes, it’s the movies.

I have been regularly watching movies, learning something new, and yeah, it does feel really good. 🙂

Moving on to the Blogote’s number this September, the site almost achieved 100000 pageviews! Record? You bet!

99,780 Pageviews

65,806 Unique Visitors

The steady traffic started to flow in due to the new design created by Ben Jacob! Credit goes to you readers and bloggers out there, too, who have been supporting throughout my Blogging career. Thanks a lot!

Blogote was transferred to a local reputated webshotingc c0mpany in the initial stage of September (which was really disappointing) and we were kicked off in the mid September month by this same host with a no refund! Now we are hosted on Dreamhost for free :mrgreen: Yeah, Dreamhost didn’t sponsor us but Keith Dsouza from Techie-buzz did!

Thanks a lot for the support, buddy.

As usual Search Engine traffic was the main source for the blog which lead to consistent traffic even though posting frequency was less. I am sure this fresh month will see a little rise in traffic as I will try to increase the posting frequency and get those super 😎 wishes from all you people!!

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