Download Stainless – Google chrome clone browser for Mac OS X leopard

By Sidharth | Google

Thanks to Google chrome,webkit browsers are being released almost every week and one such browser for Mac OS X available for download is Stainless browser.Inspired by Google chrome,Stainless browser has features resembling Google’s chrome! We know that the initial development of Chrome for Mac is underway,Mac users will find Stainless browser useful as the features of this browser are similar to Chrome (lets say Chrome clone 😉 )

Just like Chrome,the Stainless browser uses up memory for each tab and has the feature to kill pages/tabs which consumes more memory or stops responding i.e, each tabs opened in Stainless browser runs in a separate process.

Here are some of the features of stainless Mac OSX browser

  • Multi processing browse
  • Easy tab dragging between windows
  • Single bar to search and type url
  • Private browsing mode

Currently Stainless is available for Mac OS X leopard users and is free to download.Many new features of managing bookmarks and downloads will be added in the later updates!

Download Stainless browser for Mac

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