Email Spam: Do not click on the Facebook Gifts Invite Message

By Sidharth | News

Sending real presents to your friends is possible through Facebook Gifts. This new feature, rolled out this week, will be available only in the US and will expand in selected places in the weeks to come. However, emails related to Facebook Gifts are already making their way into my inbox and, as expected, these email messages are not sent by Facebook.

Facebook hasn’t officially launched a way to “invite” friends to join Facebook Gifts, and it is obvious and not unusual to receive email spams. The email message titled “Facebook Survey Gift” entices you to visit a different website, fill a form and complete three questions. The email message also claims that those who complete the survey will win a gift. They may probably gift you a lifetime subscription of trojans and viruses!

Here is the message I received today in my Gmail inbox (Photo):

Your participation in our survey is greatly valued!

You have been invited to participate in our short Facebook survey and receive a gift of your choice (click for list of gifts). Participation is required, see offer details.

Simply complete our short three-question survey, then follow the instructions on our website.

Thank you.

Click here to take the survey & receive your gift.

Usually, when you complete such surveys, your email ID and information is sold to other companies. Also, forget about receiving a gift. Who knows what this survey is, but it would be best not to touch such messages — you may probably want to delete or send such email spams to the spam folder.

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