Power Your e-Book Experience with Google Editions

By Jim Roberts | Google

The recent announcement of Google about its digital bookstore caused frenzy for millions of people who wish to buy and use books at anytime of the day, at any place they need to. Google Editions, set to be opened between late June and early July, is widely perceived to overturn the already lively digital book industry.

More so, publishing will soon face a major turning point as well, as pointed out during a roundtable talk at Random House in New York. In the said event, one of Google’s development brains Chris Palma, announced the Edition’s debut – stressing that ultimately, it will present an invasion of every laptop, computer, Kindle, Nook or iPad.

What makes Google Editions different from its contemporaries?

Downloading and reading books are made much, much easier. Simply use the web browser and that’s about it! Unlike the Kindle from Amazon, Apple’s iBooks or the Nook from Barnes and Noble, there’s no need for a different apps or no required interfaces. Just have your device ready, surf the internet for the read you’re interested in and you get it – fast! That’s how Google Editions work!

Google Opens up for Small Ebook Retailers

Sure, there is no confirmation on the other much-awaited details about the Google Editions. But one thing is clear: readers will find the web experience way ahead. While purchasing details may equal the superlatives, eBooks can be directly bought through Google, paving way for a healthier consumer power and entrepreneurs’ profits.


With the ability to purchase eBooks directly from retailers’ sites, Google Editions will likely open doors for smaller publishers and eBook retailers, while maintaining control of their goods.

Google Editions: Interface compatibility

The major question left hanging for now is how the user interface would work. This will spell the success or frustration of Google’s venture. But with the solid experience on web-based applications, there’s a very good chance things will go well. However, a lot of consumers are understandably keeping their fingers crossed that Google Editions have a comprehensive and apt alternatives, in case it falls short of expectations, particularly regarding user interface.

What remain to be seen are the fruits of the buzzing activities over at Google in this new enterprise that comes after the release of Google TV. Come late June or middle of July, we’d have the Google Editions. Is it me? Or is something else brewing after these two are launched?

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