Intelligent Google Search Engine to Understand Users Frustration!

By Jay Shah | Google

Do you think that the present Google Search is intelligent enough, just because it can detect wrongly spelled words and offers correct suggestions? If so, you may be in for a real treat because the search engine may soon be able to recognize user emotions after displaying search results. If you are frustrated at not being able to find what you are looking for, the search results will change accordingly!

If you are thinking that this will be achieved by training a webcam at your face and detecting changes in facial expressions, you are wrong! Google plans to use five other measures of user behavior which indicate frustration.


The Google User Experience team has conducted a study, which has revealed that there are five signals which point to the fact that a user is struggling or dissatisfied with the search results. The main indicators are:

  • The use of questions to remodel the search engine query
  • Spending more time on the results page rather than clicking on a particular result.
  • Using advanced operators in progressive searches using the same keyword/phrase.
  • Forming the longest query in the middle of the search-session

You must be able to identify with these signs of frustration because we all have done at least one or two of the things mentioned here when we fail to find what we are looking for.

In the study, a group of 23 users was initially observed for these signs of frustration and then a larger group of 179 was asked to complete 100 searches. During this period the signs were put to test for real life applicability.

If Google can actually implement these ‘frustration indicators’ in real time in the search engine, it will be nothing short of a major breakthrough. And your search engine experience will also improve considerably. But actual implementation may still be some way off!

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