News Stories Around iPhone 5 are Very Popular on Bing Search Engine

By Sidharth | Microsoft

Microsoft’s Bing reveals interesting data related to search. And believe it or not, according to the recent blog post on Bing, iPhone 5 is the most searched news story of this year. Not even a single Windows Phone made it to the list.

Apple iPhone 5 is not the only gadget that has magically appeared on the top. Among the list of “most searched news stories,” we have Kindle Fire HD ranked at 9, while Facebook sits at the bottom of the list at position 10. Here’s the complete list of 10 hottest news stories:

  1. iPhone 5
  2. 2012 Elections
  3. 2012 Olympics
  4. Hurricane Sandy
  5. Honey Boo Boo Reality Show
  6. Gangnam Style Dance
  7. KONY 2012
  8. Academy Awards
  9. Kindle Fire HD
  10. Facebook IPO

As 2012 winds down, the folks at Bing decided to publish an exhaustive collection of topics that are trending in 2012 —  you can access all of them on their blog. There are iPads in the list, as expected, but surprisingly no Windows Phone.

Bing search for iPhone 5

There’s something about Apple that’s fascinating, and it has a large fan-following for a reason. Whatever it is, Apple, with its set of amazingly similar products, has heightened its power in a very short period of time.

The iPhone 5, if you remember, is already sold out in some parts of the world.

Apple took six years to reach where they are today. The iPhone has been and continues to be a revolutionary product, but looking back, no one really thought a device with no physical keyboard can be called as a smartphone that people, millions of us, from all walks of life will embrace and use it every day.

The fruit company’s lifelong obsession to become a household name has probably happened a longtime ago — that’s the reason iPhone 5 is already trending. Credit goes to Apple and Steve Jobs for bringing a whole new form of products and revolutionizing the smartphone industry.

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In other news, Bing has a market share of 15% compared to the giant Google.

Via Cult of Mac, Bing blog

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