Day Five: PSN Down! PlayStation Users Kept in the Dark.

By Sidharth | Games

Gamers, how was your last week? I know, not that great. Well, lets just hope that this week will be better.

It’s been five days, and the PlayStation Network is still offline. Although it is unclear who is behind the attack, but the outrageous PS3 owners are not accepting this situation lightheartedly.

PSN Down

The “external intrusion” has forced Sony to bring down PlayStation Network. The infuriated PlayStation users are finding it hard to get along without the PlayStation Network. PSN going offline has certainly punched a hole in the heart amongst the PlayStation users. All that one can do right now is sit back, comment, relax, spread the word about Sony and its incompetent security team.

Sony’s take on PSN

Once again, Sony takes pride in remaining mum over this situation and nothing promising has been stated so far. The updates on the Playstation blog are sporadic, and not much to talk about. However, on the other hand, one might begin to question if any compensation will be given for us PlayStation users when everything is back up and running.

Sony is rebuilding the PlayStation network infrastructure, as the attack is “assumed” to be strong. Don’t expect Sony to put up something new in the PlayStation Network, because that means more number of days are invested in coding, testing and developing the PSN. Sony has already “wasted” the last Easter week of millions of PlayStation users, so all we ask for is to bring the good ole PlayStation Network back!

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