Traffic Analysis Goes Advanced With Google Webmaster Tools

By Sidharth | News

Google webmasters tools is a Google product for bloggers and website owners for analyzing the keywords and diagnosing the website for better search engine results.

The latest addition to Google webmasters is the Top search queries data that provides visuals on the number of searches of the keyword along with the click through percentage in the search engine.

Analyzing traffic of your website is easier as you can check out the top keywords impression on search engine, number of people who actually clicked on your website from the result pages.


The top keywords data extracts the list of best performing keywords on your website, you can go advanced by checking the keyword position of each keyword, and analyze the data with different dates.

The ongoing discussion on what if a website is on the second position in the search engine is almost accurately predicted thanks to the Clickthrough details in the Google webmasters account. The lower the position, lesser is the clickthrough percentage.

Overall, along with Google analytics, the Google webmasters tools for advanced tracking of website traffic comes in as a nifty feature from Google. All the verified accounts on Webmasters tools have access to these features. Go ahead and explore your website data!

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