Android Flash: Not Good Enough? Flash Player Froze While Loading Videos.

By Jay Shah | Android

For a long time now the non-availability of Flash on Apple devices, has been projected as a reason why Android will have an upper hand in the future. While Apple devices depend upon HTML5 and native apps for interactive browsing and video, Flash remains the industry trendsetter for these functions.

So, does Flash operability on Android give it the edge? A small test has revealed the truth.

A Nexus One was tested with Flash video and the performance was quite poor. Websites such as were sluggish in loading and the quality once loaded was nothing to write home about. The Flash player froze while trying to load longer video such as TV programs from channel websites and some did not load at all.


The videos which ran from websites were at best choppy and resembled a slideshow rather than a video (yes, that bad!). Audio too was not in sync with the video track.

Right, so what may be the reasons behind this debacle?

To start off, one has to accept that most websites do not carry videos optimized for mobile. While some warn you about this while trying to load up videos on mobile browsers, others don’t. But that’s not really an excuse for this sort of a performance.

The Android OS phone on which Flash was tested was powerful enough to load videos and a 25 Mbps Wi-Fi provided the stream. This rules out the possibility of the internet connection ruining the test.

The deduction from this can only be the fact that the advantage that Android holds due to Flash support is only theoretically true. No matter how good an Android device you have, it may not be enough to run non-optimized videos on the internet. Adobe and Google promised that Flash operability gives you access to all content on the web. Perhaps this is not true either.

So, truth be told, its looks like the availability of Flash optimized content on the web hold the key for Android. On the other hand if HTML5 is quickly adopted by most websites, Apple devices will take the cake. This should be a race worth following!

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