Building Your Blog is not About Writing Content

By Sidharth | Opinion

Friends, building a successful blog is not only about writing content. In the long run, if you want to achieve new feats in blogging, writing is not the only way for your blog success. Yes, I do believe content is a crucial part in blogging, obviously; however there are other things one need to focus on to build his blog.


So what is blog building?

Blog Building means setting your goals and achieving them.

In my opinion, set your goals on the traffic you’d like to achieve by the end of the month, or the end of the year; keep count of the number of subscribers; set a monthly revenue goal.

There are loads of other things one can do to build their blog. For me, I usually go with setting easier goals and as things move on positively, I raise the bar and do things for long-term benefits.

Blog building means building a community around you.

Interacting with your readers and the bloggers is a nice way to build a community. On internet, whether you are blogging or not, it is always good to network with like-minded people. The same goes with building a community for your blog — always network with the good folks.

Blog building means experimenting.

Once again, this depends on the amount of time you have to kill. Experimenting your blog by placing ad-networks  like Adsense, or other ad-network, is an experiment. Not only that, you can change the theme, redefine your writing style and add new elements to your blog.

Thing is, the more you play with your blog, the more you learn and that serves as a great experiment and experience.

Blog building means branding yourself and your business

Not only choosing a good domain name is necessary, but also making your blog unique and different that the rest will benefit. Of course, we all think to make our blog unique, sometimes we fail, but that is what matters. You learn when you fall.

Blogging is about trying hard and pushing yourself hard enough to get recognized.

Blog building means generating traffic

One of the easiest way to get good amount of traffic is by submitting articles to social sites and marketing about your blog using your seo skill. Although delving into those paid directory or free directory is said to benefit, but remember, in the long run, these are the not-to-do things.

Blog building means writing good content

As I said, and as you know, content is not the only brick for building a blog, but we have to accept the fact: it plays a vital role in making your blog recognized. Simply put, content is the king; however relevant useful content is the king these days. There are tons of junk, unrelated articles on the Internet which fails to make the engage the readers.

I usually write good content when I am connected to a good, powerful system. As of now, my iMac does a great job in helping me write without any distraction whatsoever.

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