Common Complaints & Problems with iOS Gmail App

By Sidharth | Opinion

The iOS Gmail app is like a Buggati Veyron without wheels — while it looks freakishly appealing from the outside, the bitter truth is that it’s not very useful anyway. Sure, Apple’s Mail app pales in comparison to Gmail app, but apart from the “modern” design, there’s so much more Google could have done with the app.

Don’t get us wrong; we love the new Gmail app — it is incredible smooth and Google has done a great job with the design. However, despite all this, we wanted to share some of our common problems we faced while using the Gmail app on iPhone.

gmailapp ios problem Reading Email Messages is a Real Problem With Gmail iOS App

Problems With Gmail App on iPhone:

1) There’s no way to select and delete all the email messages.

2) Even after reading a message, the badge indicator (or the notification) doesn’t update — let’s say you have 3 unread messages, and even after reading all of them, the numbers do not change.

3) The “next” and “previous” email button is missing. Google believed it’d be best to remove these buttons, giving the app the much-needed simplicity. Question is, was this necessary?

4) There’s no way to open or view the content of PDF files.

5) The new design doesn’t allow us to copy or save an image/photo on our iPhone.

6) For those who are copying and pasting messages: When you are composing a message, it is difficult — or almost impossible — to change the format (font size, etc).

7) There’s a noticeable lag when you scroll through the list of messages. This lag is more evident if you have significant number of email messages.

8)  It’s not possible to adjust font size while reading emails. Apple Mail can do this.

9) Gmail app crashes frequently. Once again, I’d like to believe the issue surfaced because of the large number of emails I have.

When you are running a service for millions of active users, the emphasis on usability and functionality is greater, but Google somehow sacrificed some of the key “features” for usability. We are not sure if we will be using Gmail app on iPhone, as Apple’s Mail is a solid app, although boring at times.

Do you love the new Gmail app? Anything you miss, or like? Add your thoughts through the comment section below!

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