The Most Durable Camera Ever [Video]

By Sidharth | Gadgets

Apart from the price, durability is yet another important factor to consider before buying a gadget. A durable product lasts longer and works in any environment. Now talking specifically about digital cameras, how can we test the durability?

Determining the durable nature of a product can be done in several ways. There are hardcore durability tests out there that may leave you stunned, such as:

  • Running the car over your camera.
  • Dropping the camera down the stairs.
  • Freezing the camera overnight.
  • Soaking the camera in a distilled water.
  • Keeping the camera in a Microwave oven.
  • Burning the camera.

Over to our main question: Which is the most durable and reliable camera to buy?
Answer: Canon EOS 7D.

The Canon 7D is designed to stay strong even in the worse conditions. The video below, which is 16 minute long, reveals how Canon 7D goes under a hardcore durability test and emerges as a winner. If you are a photographer looking for one more reason to buy Canon 7D, this is it.

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