Get Smart With 6 of The World’s Stupidest Gadgets

By Sidharth | Gadgets

Over the years, technology has always managed to impress us. There are times when we have been taken aback with the advances made that we remain speechless. At other times, we just prefer to remain speechless.

Here is a list of what we have compiled to be the world’s craziest and stupidest gadgets which for some odd reason, do remarkably well.

1. Solar Powered Squirrel


Has there been a gadget that you have always wanted for no specific reason? This one’s for you. The solar powered squirrel will hold on to your nuts for just $55.

2. USB Pole Dancer


Plug her in and watch her shake around on your desk. Perhaps, an ideal gift for workers stuck at their offices 24/7. Ironically, buyers purchase this along with The Hillary Nutcracker. This leg shaking, pole swinging piece of plastic can put you back at least thirty bucks.

3. PacMan Oven Mits


Have you ever felt the need to bake some scrumptious cookies and get PacMan to take them out from the oven for you? Ofcourse you have. Its every gaming wife’s fantasy!

4. Watermelon Flash Drive


No PC user is complete without his daily fruit. We all thought that an Apple a day could keep the doctor away. How wrong we were! Plug in this juicy device and store up some data today.

5. The Arm Massager


The feeling of getting your arms massaged at the expense of a machine like this certainly has no comparison. Crank it up, submit your arm and you are good to go. Ideal for single men that have too much ‘time’ on their hands.

6. Glowing Rotating Pope


Pope Benedict seems to have gotten accustomed to the new age lifestyle. Here is a gadget that will keep the younger generation of Catholics grounded. Warning: This does not count as a miracle!

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