Group Video Chatting Via Skype, A Very Promising Feature!

By Jim Roberts | Internet

Skype has undoubtedly grown into one of the most popular avenues of communication through the Internet and chances are you know how Skype works.

When it comes to Skype, it is rather easy to use the video chat application for one-on-one conversations, but with the group chat feature, it did not happen quite as easy. Skype released their new beta program sometime ago, and it did not have the video conferencing for group chat, but now the fresh Skype beta version allows you to engage in group video chat with up to four people easily.

Skype group chat

The Skype Group Video Chat is for Premium users only.

Yes, this is indeed a very attractive feature for Skype users, but before you start jumping with joy, you should know that the group chat with video only applies to the premium users, meaning that you have to pay to use it one way or another, but Skype has yet to release the pricing plans for this. A consolation would be that Skype probably charges the lowest fees as compared to other similar online services and this feature is still free up to the full version’s release towards the end of the year.

So for now, you can use as much of the video chat feature as possible while it is still free of charge. But considering how low their charges are for landline and mobile phone calls, about a couple of dollars per month, the expenses when it comes to this particular feature may not also be too costly.

The new beta actually passed a test that was done to see if the audio and video quality were up to par and even if there are some bugs in the new beta, like getting cut off in the audio feed or sudden drops when it comes to the video, the overall interface is still highly impressive and this generates much hope for improvement when the full version is finally released.

As of today, the new Skype beta only functions when used in Windows-ready computers except for those running on Windows 2000 and more work is being done by Skype to enable the beta for Mac OS X and Linux programs.

Everyone who wants to use the video conferencing must download the new beta format of Skype, and needless to say, it is much better than those anonymous video chatting sites like Chatroulette and Omegle. After the download, start a conversation and invite known people to join in by clicking “Add” and then click the “Video Call” button to begin.

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