HP Windows Phone 7 Smartphones: HP not to be involved

By Jay Shah | Microsoft

hp_windows_7HP has just come out with confirmation that it will not be involved in making phones equipped with Microsoft Windows Phone 7. All new HP phones will now have webOS, the mobile operating system which became an HP asset, once Palm was acquired earlier this year.

There were rumors indicating that this move by HP was imminent, and now those rumors have been confirmed. But its not like HP and Microsoft are going their separate ways, or at least that is what the official HP statement indicates.

While announcing that the company will not do phones having Windows Phone 7, it has been added that together with Microsoft, HP will continue to raise the far as far innovation is concerned. In the statement HP also acknowledged that it remains Microsoft’s largest customer.

It is this strong relationship between HP and Microsoft which led to raised eyebrows over HP’s refusal to work with Windows Phone 7. Moreover, before it bought Palm, HP had declared that it would be a strategic partner in all of Windows mobile endeavors. But the 1.2 billion dollar acquisition seems to have erased old promises quite easily!

The indications were there when HP had announced just after the Palm acquisition that it would reassess its ties with Microsoft for the journey ahead, without explicitly stating that with the power of Palm, the dynamics had changed.

And so the latest announcement may not be too much of a surprise to those in the know. But then what does HP plan to do, if not make phones with Windows Phone 7 or for that matter Linux/Android? Well, it definitely plans to make the most out of the wonderful webOS which landed in its lap after the purchase of Palm.

Let’s admit it: the webOS is a great mobile operating system. HP will surely put in all its expertise in developing phones with this OS, which may then give Google and Apple a run for their money. After all, the 1.2 billion was not spent just like that!

Whether HP is actually able to come up with a webOS phone and how soon that happens is what will ultimately matter.

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