Microsoft Kinect Versus Play station Move: Which One Fares Better?

By Sidharth | Games

The Microsoft Kinect and the Sony PlayStation, nicknamed Move, both are gaming consoles that have come up with the motion sensor technology, something that Nintendo introduced almost 4 years ago.

So there must be quite a reason, that both of these arch rivals came into the market so late and allowed Nintendo to eat up all the sales for four years, a long time.

The answer is yes, there is a solid reason behind this delay. It is the new advanced technology both these players have embedded along with the motion touch technology which is way more advanced that its 4 year old product nemesis.

Now you must understand that both these technologies have got their own advantages and disadvantages, so pick your toy according to what you want to play with.

According to comparisons and user reviews, the winner in the Microsoft Kinect versus play station Move battle is hands down the new Microsoft Kinect. It is an all new way of gaming and a completely new gaming experience.

Why Microsoft Kinect?

The X factor that makes Kinect so special is the little surprises it’s got here and there. Firstly, the new Kinect technology in the Xbox 360 makes is so easy for anybody to play a game.

You no more have to use gaming controls and all sorts of buttons or remember all kinds of combinations, you just have to switch the gaming system on and start running, jumping, fighting, whatever it is you want to do. A motion sensor camera is placed in the system and it will replicate an image of you on the screen, that’s just it, no external devices or controls, just you and the system.

And here is another really good thing about the new Microsoft Kinect. Unlike the previous versions of the Xbox 360, this one does not require an external Wi Fi device. It is completely Wi Fi enabled and it does not require any special accessories. All it needs is just the Kinect sensor.

Then there’s an inbuilt msn video chat through messenger; you could be chatting on the move (pun intended) with this feature and the system keeps reminding you of the chat as you shift track, so you will be able to keep track of both. This one is called the X box live video connect; you can chat with all the users logged on at that particular time to the system.

Also, the Microsoft Kinect is quieter than the previous versions of the X box so that you can play your games without anybody screaming louder that the system just to tell you to shut it up. What’s more it comes in a sassy and sleek new black finish. The only setback for it is the price it comes, at an estimated $149.

So in the challenge of the Microsoft Kinect versus the play station Move, the Kinect seems to win hands down. The game has just started!

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