The Cloud by Yahoo! Is this Yahoo Cloud Computing Really Going Public?

By Jim Roberts | Internet

Most of you are probably not as familiar when it comes to “The Cloud” from Yahoo!


I myself did not understand this at first but after some extensive research, I found out that the cloud computing pertains to the platform that Yahoo is currently using for its own internal applications, and in the following year Yahoo! is actually going to make their cloud platform accessible to the public.

When it comes to their cloud platform, they use this for their internal storage needs and this platform in particular is used for every single Yahoo application known to man.

The Yahoo! Cloud Computing

What is so great about The Cloud is that it combines the features that are available from Amazon EC2 and Google Apps engine. Technically, the public gets something that is twice or even thrice as good and not only does “The Cloud” apply a highly secure protocol, it also makes use of a number of servers to cater to tasks specifically like load balancing and the like.

When it comes to Google Apps engine, this offers features similar to “The Cloud” but belong to a closed sourced property and there are a lot of restrictions placed on the applications that utilize this platform. As examples, applications are only limited to requests lasting 30 seconds and more than 10 MB of data should be given back for every API call.

On the other hand, Amazon EC2 uses a platform similar to that used by Google Apps, the only difference is that the former is already having an Open Source project to make use of their API. What Yahoo is targeting with “The Cloud” is to make everything open source. How great will it be to have zero restriction, higher security, and much convenience for your personal applications? It will definitely be amazing, simply amazing.

Like everything that has been done by Yahoo, they are at it again with this idea of “The Cloud” wherein they will be creating another online hit from this open sourcing concept. Sooner or later, Yahoo will be reigning in the Internet once more but this will not be a simple of a process because there is a challenge to develop applications and find companies who will be willing enough to experiment on “The Cloud” with Yahoo. The results seem attractive and it is surely a leap for the companies who will be involved in no time.

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