The HTC Trophy Windows 7 SmartPhone Reappears! Launching Next Month?

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

In a world where only successful tech products are remembered for long, a phone that never saw the light of day can barely cause a flutter. Thus, if you do not remember the HTC Trophy, you are not at fault. But Vodafone Germany may refresh your memory, because their inventory list shows the name ‘HTC 7 Trophy’.

In case you do remember the last time the name Trophy cropped up, it was in a leaked HTC roadmap and came alongside the HTC Legend. While the Legend did happen, the Trophy was put on a backburner.

Now that it is coming back as a Windows Phone 7 device, you should know/recall that it has a QWERTY portrait keyboard, a 5MP camera, a 3 inch VGA screen and a 1400mAh battery. Now how many of these are still in sync with the times and compatible with Windows Phone 7 is the real question.


A good guess is that only slight tweaks here and there will be required because the phone was originally meant to run with the Windows Mobile 6.5 OS. There are no pictures or videos of the phone available yet and the links to the HTC Trophy specs sheet have also been removed after such a long while. But reports in Germany suggest that the phone may debut next month.

The Trophy may not do too well, considering it has been in the cans for so long. Tech products usually have to be mint fresh to succeed and it is hard to see how the Trophy will prove to be an exception to this rule. But in all likelihood, it will face a great challenge from the HTC Desire HD which is currently the most eagerly awaited release from HTC.

Will it be gobbled up by another product from the HTC stable or will it hold its own: let’s wait and watch what awaits the Trophy.

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