What Tablets Are People Buying This Year?

By Sidharth | Opinion

Tablets are a perfect holiday gift, and if you are planning to get one for yourself this month, then your strategy should be twofold: first, to find out which is the most popular and sought-after tablet in the market, while making sure it’s under your budget. And second, to see if this tablet meets your everyday demand.

If you are like me, you would probably do a little more research on the Internet. You don’t have Google anything though, as we have some crisp details on the type of tablets purchased this year. All this data comes through Twitter — credit goes to @axian for coming up with this clever trick.

Using Twitter’s search function, Axian added a query “First tweet from [tabletname].” Many of us purchasing a new tablet tend to subconsciously tweet on Twitter or post on Facebook, so that our followers and friends can know more about our new shiny toy. From the 24-hour data collected through Twitter, it was evident that Apple’s iPad — with 1795 tweets — was the most purchased tablet on the eve of Christmas.

Next is Amazon Kindle with 250 tweets. Around 100 tweets were “First tweet from Google Nexus tablet” while Microsoft Surface failed to spark interest with only 36 tweets in 24-hour.

Tablet Comparison

Even though you may not want to take the above data too close to your heart, but it just so happens that iPad was purchased by a lot of people on that day. Apple iPad is the clear winner.

And if you are planning to follow the crowd, go ahead and buy Apple iPad — there’s iPad mini, iPad 4, and 3 other iPads. On a side note, it is interesting to note that Apple iPads have been stifling the progress of other tablets for long as we could remember.

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