Disable Orkut Chat and Set Offline Mode

By Sidharth | Social Networks

Recently Google has clubbed Online chatting feature in Orkut.com social networking site which is quite popular in most of the countries. You can chat with your orkut friends from your profile without using any chat client and automatically those who are linked to your orkut account will be seen in your Gtalk contact list. Here are ways appear offline or completely disable orkut chat with orkut friends.

Disable Orktut Chatting

Here are the simple steps to set invisible offline mode by changing the settings in your orkut account :

  1. Login to orkut account
  2. Navigate towards the Setting tab
  3. Click on Chat and deselect friends or group of friends you do not want to chat with!
  4. Save changes and unchecked group of friends will not appear in your orkut chat list

You can completely disable orkut chatting by selecting the first option or you can also stay in offline mode from your orkut profile.If your friend’s are already in your Gtalk list then make use of Gtalk invisible mode chat client to set offline status!

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