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With tons of services online, it is sometimes hard to decide the best option which does exactly what you want. Similarly, there are tons of online storage folder drives that provides good storage space but some of them allow you to only upload and download the files.

With online Virtual folders, it makes easy for you to share and edit the files online. If you are going to share your virtual drive files with another person then he has the rights to edit them, modify and save it. This helps in gathering helpful information for your projects or organization without the need to transfer them from one computer to another.

Benefits on Online Virtual folder Service

  • No hard disk space of your computer is consumed.
  • Can share virtual folders with friends.
  • Able to access them anywhere with Internet connection.
  • Can store GB’s of data, documents for free.
  • Password protect or let people access the folder based on invitation.

Get Free Virtual Folder Service

After searching different services and trying them out, I figured out these are some of the best service to collaborate and share your files with your friends for free and store 5 GB of online data.

esnips_folderEsnips – Though I don’t use Esnips every time for online storage, but this is one of the popular virtual drive service online. With tons of service and ability to share your folders, esnips is one of the best, easy to use service with 5GB of capacity for every user who sign ups for free. With Esnips, you can upload any data, text files, mp3 and videos.

box_virtualBox.net – I’ve been using this service for a while, I was seeking to share folders online with specific invite based system and box.net covers this for me. Just drag and drop the computer files to box.net account (Register an account, it’s free) and once they are uploaded, you can invite your friends to view them. Box.net also provides 5 GB of free storage space with an appealing interface.

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