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One of my favorite game on my Apple iPhone is Temple Run. Also available on Android phones, Temple Run is an addictive game that is free to download but works only on mobile phones.

Now for those who want to play Temple Run online, I have a good and bad news. The bad news is that Imangi Studios, the guys behind the Temple Run game, haven’t come up with the desktop version of Temple Run.

And the good news is that we have several other games, similar to Temple Run, available on the Internet. If you have an urge to play Temple Run like addictive games on your Windows or Mac computer, then we have two of them listed below.

Game 1: Run


Game 2: Island Runner

Although you can try iPhone emulators and Android emulators to play Temple Run on your computer, it is not going to be easy I assume. For now, for those who want to play the exact version of iOS Temple Run on your laptop or desktop, just hang in there as the desktop version is likely in the works.

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