Twitter Made A Strategic Move On Atebits

By Jim Roberts | Web resources

Users of Apple’s much-buzzed about iPad just got even more interesting in terms of connectivity and convenience, particularly for Twitter fans. Amid the iPad’s debut a few days back, Twitter fans holding their devices immediately noticed – and missed! – The Tweetie and users were quick to point out the need for this popular iPhone app and App Gem favorite.

Twitter CEO Evan Williams appeased the disturbing tides by announcing Friday that they have the answer. How? Twitter acquired Tweetie developer Atebits, with the latter’s creator Loren Brichter sealing the deal and taking part in the Twitter team.

But it does not end there. The loud $3 price on Tweetie has been eradicated and branding this old iPhone version of Tweetie as the Twitter for iPhone. Another great surprise from the social network team was its announcement to release a version for the iPad which Brichter posed in his site. Of course, with that, he needed not mention that the Twitter activities have just become easier and convenient.

With these recent announcements, Twitter enlivened the arena for all players in the third-party mobile customers.  We can see an even stiffer competition now that the Tweetie deal is done. At the same time, there’s no doubt Brichter is caught in the dilemma of keeping Tweetie at the helm of users’ wants and whims. Or better yet, that Tweetie remains the gadget fixture that they are used to.

Still, Twitter fans using Mac were waiting for a continuation of the announcements from Williams and Brichter. They were left hoping that there’s more good news for desktop users as well, and not just developments on the mobile facet of Twitter. This opens the question whether Tweetie for Mac is to be grabbed by another service. Of course, we can just imagine thousands of fingers crossed with these developments.

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