Archos Tablet Finally Gives out The Long Awaited Update [Android 2.2.1]

Archos have been known to be one of the top media makers in the tablet industry where they have brought to the table some of the best resistive and multi-touch screen tablet computers. Till recently, Archos offered the best of their tablets that only operated on the Android 1.5 firmware and below.

But with Android 2.2.1 hitting the stands, Archos have taken advantage of it and have offered free updates to their customers who own the internet series of their devices. Currently the Archos update for the new Android OS is available for the Archos 23, 32, 43, 70 and 101 models which are Archos’ new masterpieces.

Archos and Android 2.2.1 Update

The new Android OS comes equipped with better battery life estimation, improved performance and complete external support for GPS adapters. Additionally, users will notice a faster and much more accurate interface.

Archos users can download the update from the official site or can follow the official Archos forums for more information. Android 2.2.1 update seems to be a heavier improvement from its predecessors and serves up to be a real miracle for those that have been experiencing delayed performance from their tablets.

There have been a few tweaks in the OS that help users gain more customizability with their tablets which thereby offers them better interface results. The only downside as of now is that of older Archos users stuck on the 5, 7 and & 7HT not being able to access the all new update.

Although Archos has no answer whether their older tablet models will support the new firmware updates or not, but as of now — it seems highly impossible due to the 2.2.1 system requirements that do not seem to be on par with older Archos tablet PCs.

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